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Will the AICPA announcing the DAS, or dynamic audit solution, work?

Well, it depends.

When you look at the state auditing software in 2015, not much had changed in the past 30 years. It was the same companies creating the same type of software. Working papers, engagement management, time management, things like that. Yes, “paper” in the title of a software. That should give you an idea of the state of the industry. …

Internet companies have been driven by data for decades. For instance, Amazon was using basic AI systems over 20 years ago. Netflix, Microsoft, Google and many others have dominated their categories by using a data and algorithms-first approach. Yet when we look at the accounting world, many still believe that data and analytics are a novelty, optional, or separate from the work that they do.

When it comes specifically to journal entry testing, most auditors today have been using antiquated approaches and sampling techniques. Many justify the use of these limited audit risk methods by saying they comply with existing…

I think it’s fair to say that AI will not to replace all human accountants or bookkeepers.

White-collar workers who are part of the knowledge economy are beginning to experience what manual labourers have in the past when new technology made their jobs obsolete. Given the improvements we have recently seen in computing, many professionals fear for their future as machines threaten to overtake them.

Rather than fear changes that machine learning will have on accounting tasks, it’s an opportunity for accounting professionals to be excited. The profession is going to become more interesting as repetitive tasks shift to machines…

What better way to start the first post in the “CPAs” series than with a world class individual! Angelique is the global lead for innovation at Baker Tilly International and has been following MindBridge since our early days and recently visited our office so we could not resist asking her a lot of questions.

In this series, we will interview various CPAs in the profession as we travel across the globe, asking them for their opinions and personal stories. If you ever would like to share your own experience as a CPA, please do not hesitate to reach out directly!

Downtown NYC, a sad raining day of March 2017

As I was walking downtown Manhattan on a rainy March day, that also happened to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of MindBridge AI, a sad and chilling reminder of why we started MindBridge stared at me in the face.

Charles Murphy, a Partner that once worked for a Bernie Madoff feeder fund had committed suicide by jumping off the Sofitel in NYC — 9 years after the unravellings had begun. I instantaneously had tears in my eyes.

On a personal side, my family was decimated over two generations by a large case of fraud by an accountant. I was myself…

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